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No More Hand Watering!

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Irrigation Advice

Irrigation DO’s and DON’Ts: DO irrigate during early morning hours when temperatures are cooler and there is less sun to evaporate the water and less wind to interfere with the […]

Business Opportunity

SPI Water Services has a number of business opportunities available – For further information please contact Robert Lindsay on 0404 185 752.

Is your installer a Licensed Plumber?

Using licensed Plumbers, Irrigators and Drainers is the simplest and most effective way of ensuring that plumbing work complies with regulations. Who’s doing your plumbing? Using licensed plumbers and drainers […]

What is a Spear Pump System?

A Spear Pump system is designed to pump water from the water table underground to the surface. To do this we utilise a stainless steel sand spear and pump to […]